AI Trading Bots for Free | Pionex

AI Trading Bots for Free

AI Trading Bots for Free | Pionex

In this Pionex Review, we will be examining whether or not the Pionex Exchange is a good Cryptocurrency Exchange.

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Pionex: Background

Pionex is an exchange based in Singapore, unlike traditional cryptocurrency exchanges in which you need to connect a trading bot, Pionex comes with 12 built in bots. Pionex currently has an approximate $30 million daily volume.

Pionex: Safety

Pionex has a license granted by the U.S. FinCEN’s MSB (Money Services Business) License. This is the same license that Binance, Huobi, and multiple top exchanges have. Pionex is the first cryptocurrency exchange with in-built trading bots granted by the U.S. license.

Pionex: Fees

Pionex doesn't have a monthly fee, instead, they only charge trading fees at a 0.05% rate.

Pionex: Bots

As we've said, Pionex has 12 bots from which you can choose, each of them offers different features.

  • GRID Bot (Grid Trading Bot): The GRID Bot profits from a fluctuated market. All you need to do is set a range, and it’ll help you “buy low and sell high” within your range.
  • Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot: The Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot gives you a steady gain with very low risk, 15-50% APR, you'll receive the funding fee every 8 hours. Hedging from the spot market and short position in the perp futures market.
  • Smart Trade Bot: The Smart Trade Bot trailing takes profit and several condition orders to secure your profit in a pullback.
  • Infinity Grids Bot: The Infinity Grids Bot is similar to the GRID Bot but doesn't have an upper limit, It helps you to always buy low and sell high, however, the portion of the funds is smaller than the GRID Bot.
  • Leveraged Grid Bot: The Leveraged Grid Bot works in the same way as the GRID Bot, but with leverage (up to 3x), this means you can earn three times as much, remember and be careful when leverage trading as you may get liquidated.
  • Margin Grid Bot: TheMargin Grid Bot is similar to the Leveraged Grid Bot, the difference is that the collateral won’t involve the Grid Bot in Margin Grid Bot. You can also choose LONG or SHORT while using the Margin Grid Bot.
  • Reverse Grid Bot: The Reverse Grid Bot sells your Bitcoin at a higher price and repurchases at a lower price.
  • Leveraged Reverse Grid Bot: The Leveraged Reverse Grid Bot has the same functionality as the Reverse Grid Bot, but you can use leverage to earn more profit.
  • DCA Bot (Dollar-cost averaging): The Dollar-Cost Averaging is an easy way of investing, you can set the period for your DCA plan, and the bot will DCA rather than you having to do it manually.
  • Trailing Take Profit Bot: TheTrailing Take Profit Bot is basically Trailing Stop activated after initial Take Profit is reached. It's easier to use a TTP bot for scalping.
  • TWAP Bot: TWAP is a popular method among whales, it helps you accumulate or sell your bags in a certain period of time.

Pionex Review: Pros & Cons

Pionex: Pros

  • No monthly fee
  • Offers 12 different automated trading bots in the exchange.
  • The liquidity engine aggregates the liquidity from Binance and Huobi.
  • Regulated in Singapore and the United States.

Pionex: Cons

  • No support for custom trading strategies

Pionex Review: Verdict

If you're looking into trying trading bots, Pionex should be your first, there's no need for API Keys, it has no monthly subscription fee, and the trading fees are the lowest when compared to other exchanges, only 0.05%.

The Pionex app is very easy to use, the team strongly believes in being mobile-friendly and they've put a lot of effort into creating a great app.

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